Domain Warden™ Privacy Protection


Use Domain Warden™ to Protect your Whois Privacy
This service is only available on domains that are registered through Guru Internet Services.

Register a domain and select this service when adding a new domain to your shopping cart.

You can add this service to an existing domain through the Domain Manager which is accessable through your Account Page.

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Use Domain Warden™ to Protect your Whois Privacy

The domain name Whois database is accessible to everyone on the Internet. When you register a domain name, you are at risk of exposing your name, address, email and phone number to unwanted marketing, spammers and online defrauders. Domain Warden™ is designed to protect domain owners by sheilding your confidential information from the Internet public. It is the most effective global domain privacy option you will find anywhere online, guaranteed.

Features Included

  • Contact Information Lock – Domain Warden™ Info is displayed in place of yours.
  • Spam Protection – Domain Warden™ replaces your email address with ours. Coorespondences regarding your domain are forwarded to you privately.
  • Flexibility – Domain Warden™ is easily enabled or disabled depending on your needs.